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Letter from TYBA President

Dear TYBA Community,

It may still look like winter, but TYBA is thinking spring and is hard at work putting the finishing touches on our game plan for the upcoming 2023 season.  Those spring-time temperatures will be upon us before you know it and by the end of April, we will be outside playing baseball. 

As we did last year, TYBA will partner with Dracut Youth Baseball in our Rookie, Minors, and Majors divisions.  Both Dracut and Tyngsboro Board of Directors are committed to growing the partnership and give kids of all skill levels the opportunity to learn the game of baseball.  There will be a few changes in our 2023 format though.  For our Minors and Major leagues, we will full integrate with Dracut and all teams will be a combination of Tyngsboro and Dracut players.  Why are we doing this? This is a result of declining Tyngsboro registrations and Tyngsboro not able to put competitive All-Tyngsboro teams together to play evenly with our Dracut counterparts.  Last year, with some regularity, several Tyngsboro Minor and Majors teams were being mercy ruled by Dracut teams, and that was no fun for either team.

For our Rookie League, we will continue to have All-Tyngsboro player team(s).  Why is Rookie different than the Minor/Major Leagues? At Rookie age groups, we find we are more equal with our Dracut counterparts and feel we can still be competitive for the upcoming season. At the end of the 2023 season, we will assess how the Minor/Major programs worked out and will assess how the Rookie program work out.  We will continue to make any necessary changes in future years as the two Board of Directors see fit and ultimately what we feel will be best for all players, coaches, and overall program success.  Our T-ball league will continue to be a stand-alone Tyngsboro only program.

At all levels, teams will still have a fair share of games in Tyngsboro at Wicasse park but will also have games at Dracut fields.  Coaches will be a mix from both towns but it is possible not every team will have a Tyngsboro coach or a Dracut coach. If the coaching numbers allow, we will do our best to have a coach from each town on each team. 

Last, we do have several positions currently open on our Board of Directors.  We are in desperate need of new members to join the Board.  Like any youth program, it’s only as successful as the people volunteering behind the scenes.  If we don’t have new people step up, volunteer, and get involved, we risk not having the bandwidth to keep it all going. The success of the TYBA program has always relied on parents coming forward to be on the Board, help coach, or participate in any way possible to make sure we provide the best experience possible for all the kids who want to play baseball. If you are interested in joining the Board, please go to our contacts page on the TYBA web site and send anyone from the Board an email.   If you are ready to Coach, then please declare that during the regular season registration process. 

We hope everyone has a healthy and enjoyable remainder of the winter, and we look forward to playing some baseball real soon. 

Thank you,

David Croce

TYBA President

High School Scholarship Program

Hello All,

Unfortunately there has been a problem with electronic email submissions.  If you submitted electronically to . We will accept resubmissions until 4/1/23.   If you submitted to the PO box you are all set. 

TYBA is now accepting application for the High School Scholarship Program. The application deadline is March 24rd and the application will be reviewed between March 25 th and March 31st. The awards will be presented at the THS Presentation Night.

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